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Cesar salad πŸ’›
Chorizo, spring onion, cherry tomato and Parmesan omelette
Nothing beats a sunny Sunday on Brighton beach
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Fluffy biscuits from #theloveless in Nashville
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Chilli Chilli Bang Bang

On Friday 9th May, I attended the long awaited Chilli Chilli Bang Bang street food festival in a car park in Dalston. The event aimed to provide an array of street food from outstanding restaurants including Bob’s Lobster, Bao, Killer Tomato and Pizza Pilgrims. The theme of all food and drink at this fiery event was CHILLIES!

I cannot get enough chilli, in my opinion the spicier the better, so this festival menu was right up my street! The atmosphere at Dalston Yard was fantastic, the sun was out and everyone had all the food of feisty food and cocktails that they could ask for while loud mexican-inspired music was pumping away in the background. Every entrant also received a free corona and margarita cocktail, which is always an extra incentive to join the party. Chilli Chilli Bang Bang was a huge success and all the top fiery street vendors turned up in full force churning out delicious bite sized spice bombs which are making my mount water as I’m writing this post!

The first thing I got was this trio of goodies (pork, chicken and beetroot dhal) from Rola Wala - twisted Indian street food. They were kind of like tacos, but instead of corn tortillas they were mini naan breads. Genius!

Curry pan from Nanban (Tim from Masterchef’s restaurant). These were a twist on cornish pasties containing curried pork cheek with peas and cheese, an interesting combo that unexpectedly worked!

Steamed bun from Bao, arguably the longest queue in the whole place. By the time we’d got to the front the spice lamb bun had sold out. However, this pork number with peanut powder was a brilliant replacement and no-one was complaining. They also had delicious korean spiced fried chicken, which were all eaten before I had the chance to take a photo!